Dec 16, 2013

oversized minimalistic?

I lately love oversized quilted items. Either tops or dresses. I love the structure of my black top (dress? ;p) and its massive sleeves. So from very minimal casual wear last couple of months, Im gradually going back to dressing up a bit more. Cause that's where fun is! :)

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Nov 5, 2013

I'm horrible

My regularity simply doesn't exist. I've been horrible with that for loong loong time. Definitely too long. I even thought about quitting the blog, but after all I like it :) so stopping it is not an option! I miss doing proper photo shoots with my friend photographer, cause we always had a lot of fun, but since I can't have so many pictures anymore I will start writing more.

I like rain, but not necessarily when I want to take pictures, so we only managed few last time.
I love that long nicely cut jumper with the hood. A bit like a bat.

Wooskid <3 p="">

Oct 11, 2013


Last year I didn't, this summer I didn't - but this autumn I feel like sometimes wearing something more colourful. Mostly I wear black anyway, but every once in a while I need some little changes :)
Its just rainy, rainy, rainy in Manchester, so why not to cheer ourselves up with wearing something bright and energetic? :)
(I still cant help wearing simple clothes though :)

pics Danny
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Oct 5, 2013

beige and black

Lately I'm into 'less is more'. That outfit is just an everyday one. But last two were the same, so even though I love simple dressing I again have a lust for something more crazy. I have to find a balance between simple and minimalistic, yet very effective. I'm working on it:)
Moving abroad, and not taking my whole closet with me, reduced number of my clothes, so now I should built it more consciously. Like some coats I bought couple of years back and I still love to wear them in autumn and winter. Some things don't get old, while other after one season are just useless. So even though I like fashionable items, those classic ones are better to buy in long term. On the other hand I would want to be more fashionable this autumn. I guess its a bit of art to mix classic clothes you can wear for years and for different occasions with latest fashion's items to get the look you want.

pics Danny
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Sep 23, 2013

prosto. znowu!

I very rarely wear red. I used to feel uncomfortable, but lately I started to like it. I've only got one shirt though :) Simple part 2.
pics Danny
shoes Topshop/ pants Internationale/ shirt necklace Topshop